About TGSI

A central issue in every organization is the extent to which it should periodically confirm the effectiveness of its internal and external transactions. Improvements on external transactions (those with suppliers and other agencies) and internal transactions (those involving business process) are the most leverageable parts of businesses and governments.

TGSI is an independent, privately held Alberta company that provides professional and transaction guidance services to clients across North America. Our clients depend on us to help them uncover better ways to leverage internal resources, optimize supply chains, and more effectively outsource functions not central to their enterprises.

In today's fast-changing economy the need for the transaction guidance industry is ever increasing: so much so that TGSI (and the many exceptionally qualified consulting companies in the industry) cannot match the growth of the demand. Growing and building on its reputation for excellence, TGSI pursues quality client relationships over quantity. To these clients, we are committed to exceeding expectations, and to pouring our creative energies into each project.

As discussed further in our governance rules TGSI neither establishes nor participates in any ownership or other financial arrangements with outside parties which could be perceived to cause preference or undue influence on the recommendations made to its clients.

For more information about TGSI, please speak with your TGSI representative.

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